2/8     Tried Noisli for productivity. Birds. Random pond sounds. Sounded nice at first. Got sick of it after a while. Installed Linuxbrew. Learned migrations. 2/9     Still doing the Rails project. So many errors. But I’m really taking it slow and reading and understanding each step. I know what erb now. It’s […]

Incoming stream of consciousness: 1/24-1/31 Didn’t do bitbucket. Skipped a bit of Git stuff. Rails is interesting though. I understand how MVC is the foundation. Should I memorize the directories in order? Maybe another day. The command line is so helpful. Do I even need a mouse? I want to connect a separate monitor on […]

I finished the Ruby course on Codecademy a while back and resumed working on the RSpec project. While I’m more comfortable with Ruby, why is it that I’m having so much trouble with RSpec? At first I thought it was the syntax, but I think it’s just the TDD itself. I rake and rake until I […]

1/4     I was having trouble with the testing project, so I decided to brush up on Ruby through Codecademy. Apparently, they’re updating the course this summer of 2017, so I’d have to finish it by then. I hope to finish the course tomorrow. But I wish they made a course about RSpec! I saw a […]

12/28     It’s been two months already and I’m still under Web Development 101? Sigh… Must inhale all the espresso beans! Done with Chapter 10. Thanks TOP for telling me not to feel disheartened if Ruby still doesn’t click. Someone click it for me! At least it’s not as bad as it was when I first started. […]

  12/14-17     Started learning Ruby. Researched as to which is better: Single quotes or double quotes. Single quotes are aesthetically better and I use it for other languages. On the other hand, I’ve gotten errors just because I use it for interpolation and completely forgot about it. 12/18     Learned how to open sublime text […]

Sublime text

12/7-8     Been working on the sketchpad project. I have difficulty with making the grid. It’s one of those, “I have it on the tip of my tongue”, but it’s just not working itself out. I know problem solving is not my strongest suite, which is why I wanted to tackle programming. Now that I think […]