Week 2: Git Basics, HTML & CSS, Mini Project


Screenshot of my mini project on JSFiddle

11/15  Finished studying list of terms to know. Learned version control systems and did the assignments for Git 101. Octocat is cute. Finished up to 1.11 of Try Git from Code School (CS). Convinced myself to not get rabbit holed into finishing the whole course. I trust you, TOP.

Skipped Learn Git at Codecademy because website was glitchy. Jumped to the project: Practicing Git Basics. Encountered problems once I entered the code: git remote -v. My remote name is heroku instead of origin. Got frustrated with researching and not fixing the issue. Maybe it’s not an issue? Did the project anyway and no errors.

Started Introduction to the Front End. Finished the two assignments. Skimmed the readings because they are review.

11/16     Completed first lesson Learn Git on Codecademy. It was a review but good practice. Started HTML and CSS Basics 101. Looking through Points to Ponder and I can answer almost all of the questions. Can’t skip because I know I’ll regret it in the future.

Found out that CS is having a “Free Weekend”. Did the course, Try Ruby on CS. Interface with bunnies is interesting. Ruby was easy, but getting confused with the syntax and how it’s similar to other languages.

11/17     Went back to HTML and CSS on Codecademy. Then played around with several Javascript courses on CS I had a problem with my code not being accepted unless it’s exactly how they want it to be written. I do appreciate that they don’t just hand me the code.

11/18     Felt overwhelmed jumping from course to course. Went back to front end. Wasn’t feeling well, didn’t study that much.

11/19     Still doing HTML and CSS. Good review. Kind of boring.

11/20     Finally finished course on Codecademy. Breezed through HTML Dog beginner tutorials. The intermediate CSS tutorial was the most useful but not necessary.

11/21-22     Made android logo using only HTML and CSS as the assignment said. Watched Treehouse’s video about forms and the video about CSS resets. Started a mini-project of Rilakkuma inspired by the android logo. It’s simple, but it helps with solidifying ideas. Here’s the link if you want to check it out. https://jsfiddle.net/inalc/fv6nexjf/


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