Week 4: jQuery Basics and DOM Traversal


Screenshot of TryjQuery on Code School

11/30-12/1     Finished the assigned jQuery basics on Codecademy and Code School(CS). The Odin Project(TOP) states that there’s no need to complete the whole course. It’s extra credit and it will be covered later. However, if I found a blog that suggests that students should finish both courses completely. The blogger finished TOP and wanted to provide a guide of how to tackle the whole curriculum. He even details the approximate amount of time it should take to finish each section. I’m not fastidious as to keep a time of my studies, but I do take a lot of notes which take a lot of time. Anyway, I’ve decided to complete both courses. Why not.

Here’s the link to the blog: http://everydayutilitarian.com/essays/notes-on-the-odin-project/

Side note: Does anyone else find Code School’s interface glitchy? Mine keeps flickering at the top, which makes it hard to concentrate. I do like CS’s videos and challenges, but I prefer the “hand-holding” method from Code Academy. It also makes it easier for me to write notes.

12/2-12/5     Pause. Life happened. On one side, death of a loved one. The other, opportunities to spend time with people I care about. More importantly, I needed to take care of myself. Wasn’t getting enough sleep and constantly burnt out. Though I still did some practice with jQuery, but I didn’t have much time. Sometimes I didn’t want to make time. It was really nice to play around to the point of exhaustion.

Decided to stop with the CS’s course for now. I understood DOM traversal and how jQuery makes it so much easier as opposed to JavaScript alone. But I really just want to move on with what’s next in the TOP, so I can click the “Lesson Completed” button.

12/6     Watched the videos for the assignment. Kept thinking how easy it would be to make the slider using Bootstrap. But learning it the hard way is necessary too. Started the sketchpad project.


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