Week 12 and 13: MVC, Ruby on Rails

Incoming stream of consciousness:


Didn’t do bitbucket. Skipped a bit of Git stuff. Rails is interesting though. I understand how MVC is the foundation. Should I memorize the directories in order? Maybe another day. The command line is so helpful. Do I even need a mouse? I want to connect a separate monitor on my laptop, so I can keep a bunch of terminals open.

Trying to make a more solid studying schedule. Separate actual studying, to personal project, and projects for TOP. I just don’t want to spend a lot of time on something. I’d rather work on it a little, do other stuff, then go back to it. I learned that keeping my mind off of it helps me solve problems better.

Read this article about which is better. Github or bitbucket. I don’t need a private repo right now, so i’ll stick with github.


Screenshot of RSpec project


Finished the website and made it live! Fun stuff!

Finished Ruby TDD finally. Still not that comfortable with Ruby compared to html/css/JS. Oh well, at least I finished it. And I learned new stuff like the string format operator, ternary operators, and more on MVC.

I began to make a list of sites I want to make, including one with a pomodoro clock. Turns out hat’s part of the curriculum. Yay!

Started studying Ruby on Rails. As I said before it’s interesting. But the syntax is something I need to get used to. Some parts of it looks like html and Ruby combined. And it’s a lot of opening files and making sure this is connected to that. Maybe I should get more familiar with that MVC directory list. Reading the Ruby on Railes Guide: Getting Started was really confusing. I understand some parts, but it was like someone was pulling me in different directions. How will I do the upcoming project when it took me forever to finish the last project?

I read a blog under additional resources and the author said he studied RoR 18 hours a day in two months! That’s insane! Which is why I should do that, but maybe with less hours. Is 18 hours even possible though? Maybe I should try six hours? Wow, I guess I’ll have less leisure time. I’ll try it anyway and see how long I last and if I can push it even more. However, I’m glad to read those types of blogs because they increase my motivation.


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