11/30-12/1     Finished the assigned jQuery basics on Codecademy and Code School(CS). The Odin Project(TOP) states that there’s no need to complete the whole course. It’s extra credit and it will be covered later. However, if I found a blog that suggests that students should finish both courses completely. The blogger finished TOP and wanted to […]

11/23     Began studying developer tools on Code School. I already learned some of this before, but reviewing is always helpful. Couldn’t resist and watched a video about what developers need in 2016-2017. Got overwhelmed. Finished first few parts of devtools section . Started building the Google homepage for the assignment. Got halfway into styling it […]

11/15  Finished studying list of terms to know. Learned version control systems and did the assignments for Git 101. Octocat is cute. Finished up to 1.11 of Try Git from Code School (CS). Convinced myself to not get rabbit holed into finishing the whole course. I trust you, TOP. Skipped Learn Git at Codecademy because […]

Hello world! I’ve decided to start a blog to track my learning progress with the goal of becoming a full-stack developer. If you want to delve into the wonders of The Odin Project (TOP), I hope this blog can provide you with some insight. As for my background, I come from the healthcare field with […]