Week 10 and 11: Introspection

I finished the Ruby course on Codecademy a while back and resumed working on the RSpec project. While I’m more comfortable with Ruby, why is it that I’m having so much trouble with RSpec? At first I thought it was the syntax, but I think it’s just the TDD itself. I rake and rake until I see green. There is no better feeling than seeing all my examples pass.


But the frustration I feel when I can’t get something to work is so aggravating. I use a tomato timer to remind myself to rest my eyes/brain/soul for five minutes every 25-30 minutes. I work on it, try out different possibilities, and I find myself working past the timer’s alarm. Does that mean I actually like programming because it consumes me? I suppose liking something doesn’t mean that I have to like something 100%. For example, I don’t like running, but I do it anyway because it’s good cardio and I feel great afterwards. Or I could say, I like drinking milk, but I’m lactose intolerant. I guess my argument has a lot of holes in it. But I like thinking about actions in a philosophical way. Is there meaning in liking or disliking something? Does that meaning matter? How beneficial is it in the long run?

Anyway, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing the testing project and the website for a client. I enjoy doing both even if I get stuck with a problem. I guess I answered my own questions.



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