Week 5: Loops, Pushing Through, Pomodoro Technique

Sublime text

Screenshot of project files on Sublime Text

12/7-8     Been working on the sketchpad project. I have difficulty with making the grid. It’s one of those, “I have it on the tip of my tongue”, but it’s just not working itself out. I know problem solving is not my strongest suite, which is why I wanted to tackle programming. Now that I think about it. Who gave me the idea that I’m not good at problem solving in the first place? Anyway, I want this so I’ll push through and work on it one problem at a time.

This reminds me of my first programming class many moons ago when I was in high school. Our assignment was to make a multiplication table using C++. He said some people will do it in a couple of minutes, while some might take a much longer time. I was the latter. But now I know loops. And other stuff! Mine aren’t just working properly right now… I’m loopy.

12/9-11     Figured out the difference between .on(‘click’) and .click(). The benefits of the former is the ability to add delegated events and use up less memory. By the way, anyone else write their code down? I feel like it helps me figure problems out better.

Began reading David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. Easy read, yet highly motivating.

12/12-13     I finally finished my project! When I finally found the solution, I was elated. I realized what my problem was all along: I kept thinking that I couldn’t do it by myself. I also didn’t spend as much time with it as I should’ve. My attention was somewhere else. I’ll push it to GitHub once I’ve made it a little prettier. And I actually like devtools the more I use it. It’s so helpful!

To make sure I stay focused I use the Pomodoro technique. For some reason, I didn’t use it this week until the past few days. But this really helps, especially for people who have short attention span. I go to tomato-timer.com to activate the timer. I commit a full 25 minutes of uninterrupted studying. If I break it, I reset the timer. After it’s up, I reward myself with a short 5-minute break usually consisting of snacking, doing push-ups, or just resting my eyes.

Lesson this week: There is no problem I can’t solve. I just need to spend some time on it and push through. One problem at a time.


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