Week 6 and Week 7: Ruby, Holidays, Renewed Sense of Motivation



Screenshot of a Ruby exercise

12/14-17     Started learning Ruby. Researched as to which is better: Single quotes or double quotes. Single quotes are aesthetically better and I use it for other languages. On the other hand, I’ve gotten errors just because I use it for interpolation and completely forgot about it.

12/18     Learned how to open sublime text or file in sublime text using terminal. Changed the indentation in Sublime Text to tab size:2 instead of 4. Got tired of changing it every time create a new file.

12/19-25     Holidays. Lost motivation. I finished Try Ruby and Ruby in 100 minutes from Jumpstart Lab. But chapters 1-10 of Chris Pine’s Learn to Program dragged on for me. I liked the exercises at the end of the lesson, but I guess I want a more varied format of studying. Also Pine uses a lot of camelcase when the previous lesson (Ruby in 100 mins.) said Ruby mostly uses underscores. And this isn’t the Chris Pine from the Star Trek movies, right?!

12/26     Finally pushed my sketchpad project to Github even though I didn’t really make any more changes to it. Almost finished with chapter 10 and I’m itching to move on. I’m not completely comfortable with Ruby yet, but it gets better the more I watch tutorials on Youtube and the more I do the exercises. Still like JS more.

‘Proc’ rhymes with block and not pronounced ‘proes’. Good thing to know. Installed some programs using the terminal and I guess it didn’t install properly? They were not in the software center.

Started a friendly, daily competition with someone as to who can study the most hours per day. I’m somewhat competitive, so this is great motivation for me! I’m grateful to have someone study as much, if not more. Ambitious people are the best~


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