Week 3: Dev Tools, Thanksgiving Weekend, Intro to jQuery


Screenshot of taking heap snapshots in Code School 

11/23     Began studying developer tools on Code School. I already learned some of this before, but reviewing is always helpful. Couldn’t resist and watched a video about what developers need in 2016-2017. Got overwhelmed. Finished first few parts of devtools section . Started building the Google homepage for the assignment. Got halfway into styling it until I viewed the site using the Toggle Device Toolbar on devtools. It was not responsive at all. Scrapped main stylesheet. Also what is shadow root and how come I was never taught to put it in the header? More frustration.

11/24-26     Finally finished my Google homepage and pushed it to Github. Still not 100% confident about mastering HTML and CSS, but TOP reassured me at the end, that it’s ok. It’ll get better with more practice. Found out I already did first two assignments for JS. Did the first Euler problem in a webpage, but had issues with smoothly incorporating JS with HTML. Did I miss a chapter on events or something? I went to Google for help and also looked at previous TOP learners’ code. Noticed some people only shared their solutions and didn’t make a site at all. So I stopped. Took too much of the time that I can use watching Netflix…

11/27-28     It’s hard to study during holiday weekends, so I didn’t! Just played around with JS.

11/29     Finished last few parts of devtools. CS was helpful especially with the challenges, but honestly, I’m not so comfortable with it. I get the gist, but I may watch videos specific to debugging, network, and timeline in the future. The interface of CS’s video varies slightly with the current extension, which made a few things hard to find, but not that much.

There is nothing I love more than, clicking “Lesson completed” at the end of each lesson.

Started jQuery Basics with Codecademy’s jQuery Track sections. It’s a little glitchy. Sometimes I would skip one or two lessons and I have to go back. But I’m just glad to be writing code again.


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