Week 14-15: Rails Installfest for Android Project

2/8     Tried Noisli for productivity. Birds. Random pond sounds. Sounded nice at first. Got sick of it after a while. Installed Linuxbrew. Learned migrations.

2/9     Still doing the Rails project. So many errors. But I’m really taking it slow and reading and understanding each step. I know what erb now. It’s cool. I wish Sublime would close the clauses for me.

2/10     The more I delve into this tutorial, I understand now the “magic” of Rails. But for some reason, it has me wondering if this is a good thing or not. I like knowing how things work.

2/11-12     I love the weekend. But I need to study more…


Screenshot of Rails Project

2/13     Still doing projects. It takes me a while because my hands are too slow when writing notes. I did some quizzes on w3 schools and I passed the js one. Not the sql nor jquery. Sad.

2/14-21     Downloaded package control for sublime text. Installed sass package for highlighting. Started Pomodoro project using bootstrap. Learned SaaS, cloud computing, hosting, and SSL. Also read a little about XSS, CSRF, shell injection, SQL injection, and phishing, sanitizing data, auto linking, nonce, click-jacking, and FTP. I actually found a better article for FTP that helped me better: http://www.deskshare.com/resources/articles/ftp-how-to.aspx 

Also, a friend has invited me to join their team to build an Android app using Visual Studio, Xamarin, and C#. Honestly, I’m so clueless about programming. I don’t even know how I got to this point. Everything is still confusing to me, but sometimes the code still works. I was hesitant in the beginning, but why not. It sounds fun, anyway. So I had an installfest: Visual Studio, Xamarin, Android sdk, SQL server management, and HAXM.

I really wanted to install Windows back in my computer and just dual-boot it with Linux. But it was a little more complicated than I expected. So I just used another computer. Not the best setup since my monitor is a TV…


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